Bünting Einkauf & Logistik Dienstleistungs GmbH & Co. KG

NaturWert is a brand with a long tradition. It carries more than 100 different organic products, which are available in the markets of the Bünting Group (famila, combi, Markant).


Design relaunch of the NaturWert Bio brand as well as re-working of the logo, with both taking the planned range extension into consideration and ensuring that the organic qualities of the products are immediately recognisable for the consumers.


An increase in brand awareness as well as the rejuvenation of the market presence by means of a modern, fresh design. Positioning of the brand as a high-quality organic label. Clear differentiation to the other in-house brands of the Bünting Group.


A packaging design that is natural, young and modern in its appeal, with a minimised image concept to convey the purity and quality of the foodstuffs. The presentation creates appropriate target group appeal, i.e. for a target group that places value on conscious, healthy nutrition.